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  "name": "Team Candy Jerseys 2021 Edition",
  "image": "",
  "external_url": "",
  "description": "Presenting the 2021 Edition Team Candy Jersey. Every year, our team of designers will craft and launch a bespoke Team Candy Jersey to commemorate the year in the metaverse. The 2021 Edition is the first in the series and features digital stitching, neon Candy logos and a glimpse into the future of virtual unis.\n\nPlus… this jersey comes has the ability to transform. Down the road, owners will be given the unique right to burn the jersey and in its place receive special access to an upcoming Candy x MLB product line.\n\nOr don't burn it... be one of the few to HODL.",
  "attributes": [
      "value": 29091,
      "trait_type": "Serial Number",
      "display_type": "number"
  "animation_url": ""